Halloween Costume Ideas 2019 - Gamer Style

Published in 10/16/2019 3:02:52 PM - Lootrix Team

It’s that time of year - people scrambling to come up with costume ideas for their Halloween parties and children-walkalongs to enjoy one blissful night of dressing up as whatever they want without fear of being judged. But, you don’t want to be just like all those other jabronis out there. You want something different, but also something that catches the attention of those in-the-know. To make your lives a little easier, we break down a few costume ideas based on your favorite gamers and streamers that go beyond just the “yaaahut, I’m Mario this year!” These sure-fire home runs are guaranteed to have fellow fans recognize these streamer costumes out on the street and give you a fist-bump for reppin’ your community.


Dr. Disrespect

Dr DisRespect Cropped.jpg

Photo credit: Wikipedia

The most ruthless competitor in the online gaming community, Dr. Disrespect can be imitated but never duplicated. As one of the easiest costumes on this list to put together, there’s always the chance you’ll see fellow Doc outfits roaming the streets or at a party, but the nice thing is that it’s more likely you’ll create a new best friend instantaneously rather than feeling the silent pang of resentment for someone who “stole your costume idea”.

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As we’ve highlighted before, Sneaky is one of the best ADC’s the LCS has ever seen, and in honor of his preparation for Worlds 2019 we wanted to showcase how you could rock similar League of Legends themed cosplay to be the talk of the town with your gamer and non-gamer friends alike. While we can provide the clothing and makeup, there’s a certain skill you’ll need to apply it as masterfully as this cosplay connoisseur.

Photo credit: Sneaky Instagram

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