Gear Up tells stories through the gear gamers use. Whether you have a top of the line, custom-built PC or a mini SNES, our mission is to celebrate the expression of self by the gear we use.

Who We Are

A team of gamers interested in the multi-dimensional gaming community. We know the core of what makes us gamers is that we love to play games, but many of us also want to look good while doing it. Furthermore, community recognition plays a significant role - that sick plays, sick setups, and all-around not-health-related-but-gaming-related-sickness should be celebrated by our fellow gamers. Lastly, we want to highlight gear that isn’t exactly required for gaming but is an expression of your gaming life.


Go beyond reporting just the techs and specs about something. We want to help each Gear Up community member understand if a specific product is right for them, and we’ll do our best to create content that accomplishes this.

Our Goals

Our Values / Beliefs

Beyond core gameplay, however, is the gear that helps express our individualism. From esports trophies that display proudly behind a decorated streamer, to a Master Chief figurine collection in your gaming room, to the bonsai plant that brings balance to your desk’s universe, each of these stylistic choices defines our own gamer ID.

We know that others are looking for inspiration to personalize their own sanctuaries. We hope to be a place that brings these communities together and helps everyone get the most out of their gaming experience. Whether you’re a student maximizing your gaming space in a cramped dorm or a working professional decking out your and your SO’s Battlestations, Gear Up is the place to learn how others are doing it and how you can be inspired to do something in line with your personal vibe.

How Do We Earn Money?

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